Smart Balance Rehabilitation Insole

This invention relates to an improved of force platform to monitor the gait rehabilitation process. It also will be as weight distribution device using Bluetooth and Android application in phone or tablet. There is having a flexible pad shaped to conform under beneath an insole for three critical locations to ensure the good body posture. An electronic module of Bluetooth communication was used to transferring signals obtains by sensors. There are three sensors force sensitive resistor (FSR) for each right and left insole. The sensors were attached under the shoe insole to get the reaction force of body or weight distribution. Inserting force sensors in the insole provide specific information and therefore the point of the sensor placement result in obtaining the critical part under the insole. All sensors obtained the force data simultaneously and real-time during the gait activity by a microcontroller which placed at the body. The analog inputs were transmitted via bluetooth data transmission that gains the force data in real time on smartphone. Android application was develop to display all the values obtained from the experiment conducted. The goal is to help an educate patient, to inform the attending doctor, and to monitor the patient’s adherence to the amount of weight applied to the lower extremity. This monitoring device is most beneficial and would have excellent therapeutic benefits.

IMG 20150911 113734   IMG 20150911 112705